1. Alberta Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta.  January 2014.


  2. 700 Contest - Results

    The results are in from the 700 Contest!  I want to thank everyone who has shown support for what I’m doing here and those who entered in the contest.  I will likely be doing this again in the future at some point, too, so don’t worry if you didn’t win.

    First Prize Winner of an 8” Print - yegdisrobed

    Second Prize Winner of a 5” Print - moilang

    Third Prize Winner of a 5” Print - emseecomestolife

    Congrats to the winners!   You will be receiving a message from me shortly.

  3. Edmonton, Alta.  January 2014.

    Today is your last chance to enter into the 700 Contest.  I will stop accepting new entries at 8:00pm Mountain Time and the draw will be done and posted by 9:00pm Mountain Time.  Go here to like or comment as your way to enter the contest!

  4. Chancerry Hall, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  February 2014.

  5. Alberta Avenue, Edmonton, AB.  January 2014.

    Anyone have any strong feelings for or against this photo?