1. Place d’Armes.  Montréal, QC.  June 2014.

  2. Calgary, Alberta.  July 2014.

    Le Ruzz.


  3. Exhibition - Art/Beat x CPI - SubUrban

    If any of my followers (and non-followers) that live in the Edmonton area have had this deep-rooted desire to gawk at me in the flesh, you can come to the opening night of the subUrban exhibition being put on by Art/Beat at the Creative Practices Institute (10149-122 St NW) where two prints of mine will be on display!

    Opening night is this Saturday (the 23rd) from 8pm until midnightish and admission at the door is $20 or $15 in advance (contact CPI directly if you want to pay in advance).  There is also a zine cataloguing the exhibition which includes an interview for me and the other artists in the exhibition which is going to be sold for $10.  All proceeds from admission and the zine work as a fundraiser to allow CPI to continue producing more great exhibitions.

    If you’re too cool to come on Saturday night, fret not, the exhibition will be running from August 24 until September 27!  For those of you not in the Edmonton area, now is the time to plan your last minute trip to the City of Champions!

    If you guys have any questions, feel free to message me.  Thanks!

  4. Olympic Plaza.  Calgary, AB.  July 2014.

    The light was so damn flat that day…

  5. Central Memorial Park.  Calgary, Alta.  July 2014.

    How about some 6x6s now?