1. Edmonton, AB.  September 2013.

    You guys remember Kevan, right?  If you don’t, refer to the post linked in the previous sentence.  Well, a lot has happened since then and even since this photo, which I only finally scanned last week, was taken.

    Kevan now has a book of his awesome poetry for sale, entitled “The Poet of Churchill Square”.  You can get it either directly from him at his “office” at Churchill Square or at TIX, also at Churchill.  His goal when the book first came out was to become a bestseller for a poetry book, for which you need to sell 750 copies.  I spoke with Kevan recently and he said that he has already exceeded his goal of selling 750 copies and now has his eyes set on selling 1,000. 

    If you’re interested in Edmonton art and artists, or interested in poetry in general, I’d recommend checking out his book, which goes for $20.  I’m not a poetry aficionado, but I find his poems very warming and hopefully some of you guys will too if you peruse the pages of his book.

    P.S. If you check out his book, you may notice a certain photographer mentioned in it.

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